Worldwide, the Black Taxi is one of the most recognised symbols of Britain. Commonly thought of as predominantly in London, the black cab dominates taxi ranks in all the major conurbations in Great Britain as well as most large cities.
Moving, stopping and parking in city centres and suburbs, these taxis can been seen at railway stations and airports, main thoroughfares and back streets, shopping and entertainment centres, residential and commercial areas. But, it is only within the last few years that this unique vehicle has become available for advertisers.

And they are enormously flexible. Cover the cab all over with eye-catching creative originality or put a simpler message on the side panels. Aim up-market on the panels on the tip-up seats. Leave a message on the receipts.
In the large conurbations and in many major cities and towns there are more taxis than ninety six or forty eight sheet poster sites - and the taxi goes to the consumer it does not wait to be passed.

In most cities and towns where there are black taxis there are more of them available to carry advertising than there are buses. The taxi travels not only the bus routes but all the back-streets and side-roads.

In cities and towns where there are black taxis they are probably seen more often by more people than any other outdoor advertising medium.

There are over thirty thousand black cabs in the United Kingdom, around a third of these are available to carry advertising.

Metro Taxi Marketing has been placing advertising on taxis around the United Kingdom for a decade. Over these years it has established a reputation for innovation, practicality, and reliability.

Taxis are not the right medium for every brand or service; but they can work for a far wider range of products than is commonly perceived. Contact us directly to see how taxis may be able to assist your sales.